Hygetropin (100iu)


Hygetropin (100 IU kit)
Pack: 10iu/vial,100iu/kit


Hygetropin is an artificially synthesized growth hormone, similar to the natural hormones in terms of effects.


Hygetropin growth hormone provides the following results in proper dosage and subject to long-term administration:

– Burning excess fat deposits,

– Immune system strengthening,

– Intensification of the functions of all sensory organs,

– Muscle cell growth and muscle volume increase,

– Libido intensification,

– Hairs grow faster and look better.

– Skin rejuvenation.

The drug mechanism of action is as follows. Along with accumulation in the body, Hygetropin accelerates delivery of amino acids to the muscle and internal organ cells, thereby stimulating protein production forming a barrier to the catabolic processes. By holding water, it maintains the optimal electrolytic balance and prevents the loss of important micronutrients.


The growth hormone shall be injected subcutaneously and intramuscularly, constantly changing the injection point. It is recommended to consult with an endocrinologist before administration. One course of Hygetropin administration is not enough to achieve sustainable results. The other drugs shall be used during the course. A course option involves taking the following drugs in doses as given below:

Hygetropin growth hormone – 10-15 IU per day,

Insulin in the dose calculated according to the instruction,


The growth hormone injections may cause side effects only at improper doses – they include headaches, tingling in fingers and joints, and general weakness. All adverse effects are eliminated when the dose is reduced. But if the dose is not reduced, tingling in joints develops into the tunnel syndrome, headaches turn into a continuous feeling of flying in the head, the blood glucose level increases and insulin resistance develops. And this is a way to diabetes.

The growth hormone (at a price which deters many potential buyers) is often counterfeit – it is cheaper, but does not provide half the efficiency of the original drug. You can buy a genuine Hygetropin in our pharmacy at an affordable price, and we will teach you how to protect yourself from counterfeit. To protect products, the manufacturer applies a unique 16-digit number on each box. The code is hidden under the protective coating. It must be entered in the appropriate box on the official manufacturer’s website. If the number is present in the manufacturer’s database, you have bought the original Hygetropin.


The growth hormone can have both a positive and a negative effect on the human body depending on dosage. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult a physician before starting a Hygetropin course and buying the drug.

If you correctly calculate the dosage and the course duration, you can get the following results:

– Excess fat deposits reduce;

– The functions of sensory organs intensify;

– The immune system strengthens;

– The skin integument regeneration accelerates and wrinkles smooth;

– Muscle bulk volume and quality improves;

– Libido intensifies;

– Hair condition improves.

To get a good result in terms of the increase in muscle bulk, and to get rid of excess fat tissue, it is recommended to combine Getropin growth hormone with insulin or anabolic steroids, such as Sustanon 250 or Testosterone Enanthate of 250 mg per week. In this case, the hormone dosage may vary around 10-15 IU per day. Injections are intramuscular or subcutaneous. It is highly undesirable to make injections to the same injection point.

The drug shall be injected subcutaneously. It can be used only after consulting a physician (endocrinologist). The physician should take into account all the individual characteristics of your body.

Recommended dosage: in case of major growth retardation (in children) — 0.70 units/kg/week, or 14.00 — 20.00 units/m2/week.

In case of kidney failure: 1.00 unit/kg/week, or 30.00 units/m2/week.

In case of a lack of growth hormone secretion (in adults): 0.12 units/kg/week (initial dosage within a month). The daily dose is usually determined individually upon the physician advice (about 7 injections within a week).

After severe traumas and burns: 8.00 – 16.00 units/day. Approximate duration of treatment: 20 days.

After surgery: 8.00 units/day. Approximate duration of treatment: 10 days.


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